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This is the README file accompanying the Yi for LaTeX package.
Please consult yi4tex.tex if you require detailed information.

Package name: Yi for LaTeX, v. 0.1

Author: Oliver Corff

Description: Yi for LaTeX provides support for writing all
	standardized Yi characters in LaTeX documents. The
	language Yi is spoken by the Yi nationality (also
	known as Lolo) in Southern China (namely in Sichuan,
	Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi). The script is a purely
	syllabic script which was developed on the basis of
	an older, ideographic system.

	All 1165 characters are provided in two typefaces,
	regular and boldface and can be accessed by their
	syllable names.

Requirements: LaTeX2e. The package relies on the NFSS
	mechanism and will probably not work with LaTeX209.

Comments: The version number will increase once the following
	things happen:
	- Review of the character set (at present, glyph shapes
		were defined after books, without feedback
		from native speakers)
	- Inclusion of the Yi syllable set in ISO 10646 and
		Unicode. The final arrangement may differ
		from the present arrangement.
	- Improvement of the user interface.

			Oliver Corff, Ulaanbaatar, September 1997