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README for AMS-TeX version 2.2                             2019/01/18

This is the final archival distribution of AMS-TeX.  AMS-TeX is no
longer supported by the AMS, nor is it used by the AMS publishing
program.  The AMS does not recommend creating any new documents using
AMS-TeX; this distribution will be left on CTAN to facilitate
processing of legacy documents and as a historical record of a
pioneering TeX macro collection that played a key role in popularizing
TeX and revolutionizing mathematics publishing.

In addition to the "User's Guide to AMS-TeX" (doc/amsguide.pdf), the
AMS is also making the full text of the most recent reprint of the
second edition of "The Joy of TeX" by Michael Spivak available for the
first time, as a pdf file.  "Joy" can be found on CTAN:

The best way to install AMS-TeX is via the package manager for your
TeX distribution.  If that is not an option, instructions for manual
installation are provided.

The following documentation files will be useful in installing and using

amstinst.tex - Installation instructions, comprising Appendices B and C
amstinst.pdf   of amsguide, provided as both TeX source and ready-to-print

amsguide.tex - The AMS-TeX User's Guide, a brief guide to AMS-TeX 2.2,
amsguide.pdf   supplementing "The Joy of TeX".

joyerr2.tex  - The AMS-TeX input file for a document listing errata to the
               second edition of The Joy of TeX, for AMS-TeX 2.1 and up.

The following documentation files will be useful in understanding the
development and evolution of the code:

amstex.bug   - Official record of bugs and changes made to AMS-TeX.

CHANGELOG    - Summary of changes made between versions 2.0 and 2.1
               and between 2.1 and 2.2.

amstex.txt   - Technical documentation accompanying amstex.tex.

amsppt.doc   - Technical documentation for amsppt.sty, including an update

amsppt.txt   - Additional technical notes on amsppt.sty.

amsppt.faq   - Frequently asked questions and answers regarding AMS-TeX
               and amsppt.sty.