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abbr.tex is a file containing some simple macros to support
abbreviations in plain or latex.

Usage example:

\input abbr

% more user-defined abbreviations here if needed

I love \<TEX> and \<LATEX>, espciallly when I don't have to pay attention
whether to espace or not to espace a space after a \<TEX> control sequence.
I also love \<TEX4HT>, and when using it I prefer to have `TeX' and `LaTeX'
in the html output intead of `TEX' and 'LATEX'. Using abbr.tex also frees
me from having to remember whether I defined a \ControlSequence or
\controlsequence or \Controlsequence, and where. Anytime when I need to use
some abbreviation, I just write \<FOO> and if it's not defined, I add a new
definition to abbr.tex. It also saves a lot of typing, because in fact
what I type is not '\<FOO>' but 'foo' and some shortcut to turn it to