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apnum -- Arbitrary precision numbers implemented by TeX macros
Petr Olsak                                           Dec. 2015

The operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power to an
integer, square root, exponential, logarithm, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos,
atan) are implemented by TeX macros in this package. Operands can be numbers
with arbitrary number of digits (or scientific notation is allowed). The
expression scanner is provided too. The exhaustive documentation (including
detail TeXnical documentation) is included. The macro includes many
optimizations and uses only TeX primitives (from classical TeX) and
\newcount macro.

Files:  README     ... this file
        apnum.tex  ... TeX macro
        apnum.pdf  ... documentation (generated from apnum.d)
        apnum.d    ... documentation (source for apnum.pdf)

License: Public domain.

1.0 <Nov 2014> - released
1.1 <Jan 2015> - corrections
1.2 <May 2015> - .5+.5=.1 bug fixed
1.3 <Dec 2015> - many improvements, \SQRT, \LN, \EXP implemented
1.4 <Dec 2015> - \SIN, \COS, \TAN, \ASIN, \ACOS, \ATAN, \PI, \PIhalf added
1.5 <Jan 2016> - \eprint for printing evaluated expressions added.
1.6 <Feb 2016> - \evalmdef introduced, \EXP improved.
1.7 <Apr 2018> - \eprint - round braces around an expression with unary minus