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This is CIRC version 1.0f.

The package \CIRC is a tool for typesetting circuit diagrams. It
defines several electrical symbols like resistor, capacitor,
transistors etc. This symbols can be connected with wires in a
very easy manner.

For using \CIRC you only need \METAFONT and \LaTeX{}. You do not
need postscript or any drawing tool. You can expand \CIRC easily
with your own symbols, written in \METAFONT.

CIRC is an open system. As an example in this package is an
optics style with lenses, mirrors and so on to show, how to use
the macros and expand the package.

It runs with LaTeX2e.

To install \CIRC first run TeX on "circ.dtx" or LaTeX on "circ.ins" !