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This is the README file for the librarian package.
Author: Paul Isambert.
E-mail: zappathustra AT free DOT fr
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Date: April 2010.

The package creates bibliographies without BibTeX,
for all formats.
Relevant information can be found in librarian-doc.pdf.

The files in this distribution are:

librarian-doc.pdf  ->  The documentation.
librarian-doc.tex  ->  The source.
librarian.bib      ->  A bib file for the examples in
                       the documentation.

librarian.tex      ->  The crux of the biscuit
                       (directly \input in plain TeX).
t-librarian.tex    ->  A third-party file for use with ConTeXt.
librarian.sty      ->  A style file for use with LaTeX.
authoryear.tex     ->  An example bibliographic style
                       (described in the documentation).

Licensing of this package is covered by LPPL.