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This is a collection with various single-file plain TeX macros
written by Petr Olsak

The documentation is included in each file separately.

README       ... this file
booklet.tex  ... re-orders PDF pages and collects them for booklet printing 
cnv.tex      ... conversion of texts
cnv-pu.tex   ... example of usage of cnv.tex --- pdf outlines in Unicode
cnv-word.tex ... example of usage of cnv.tex --- word to word conversion
eparam.tex   ... Full expansion during parameter scanning
fun-coffee.tex . generates splotches in the document
openclose.tex .. repairs balanced text between \Open ...\Close pair
qrcode.tex   ... QR code generated at TeX level
scanbase.tex ... parser of text-style mysql outputs
scancsv.tex  ... parser of CSV format
seplist.tex  ... macros with alternative separators of a parameter
xmlparser.tex .. parser of XML language

1996--2016         ... files are created and released at
<Jun. 2016> ver.1  ... files contributed to CTAN as one "bundle" olsak-misc
<May 2019>         ... qrcode: bug fixed

All files mentioned here are in Public domain.