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My AGUPLUS package is now obsolete, since the AGU provides its own LaTeX
classes (which includes many of my features).

However, what is not obsolete are the BibTeX style files, which I provided to
AGU after much consultation to get them "right" (ie the way the AGU wants
them). These are
 agu.bst  with truncated author list
 agufull.bst  with full author list
 agu04.bst  same as agu.bst but with the format that applies 2004 and beyond
 agufull04.bst  same as agufull.bst, for 2004 and beyond.

Clearly now both agu.bst and agufull.04.bst are also obsolete.

The current class files with examples, as well as the above bst files are
best obtained directly from the AGU. The current link for this is

Since many people still use aguplus anyway, I have been asked to update the
bst files on CTAN. So that is what I have done... :)

Patrick Daly
Dec 19, 2007