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Unofficial LaTeX class and bibliography style-files for ASCE documents 
(Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers), both journal manuscripts and camera-ready 
manuscripts for conference proceedings

ascelike.cls - Version 2.3, Feb. 14, 2013
ascelike.bst - Version 2.2, Feb. 14, 2013

The package is freely available under the LaTeX Project Public License, 
version 1.1

The two main files are
  ascelike.cls - The document class file
  ascelike.bst - The bibliography style file for creating bibliographic
                 with the weird use of quotation marks, etc.

I've also included example/documentation files:
  ascexmpl.tex - An example *.tex file, which also serves as documentation,
                 especially in the use of the various options in ascelike.cls 
  ascexmpl.bib - An example *.bib bibliographic data base
  ascexmpl.dvi - Output from ascexmpl.tex and ascexmpl.bib
  ascexmpl.pdf - Output from ascexmpl.tex and ascexmpl.bib  - Output from ascexmpl.tex and ascexmpl.bib

You can also find information on usage in the headings of these files,
along with copyright/licence information.

NOTE:  The following supplementary files are REQUIRED:
  ifthen.sty    (part of the standard latex release)
  setspace.sty  (produces doubles spacing for journal manuscripts)
  endfloat.sty  (places figures and tables at the end of the manuscript)
  lineno.sty    (places line numbers along the margin of a manuscript)

ascelike.cls will not work without these files.  You can obtain all of them
from the CTAN archive (perhaps in *dtx form).

Report problems and suggestions to Matthew R. Kuhn,