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Package:    EPSDICE  
Version:    2.1 
Date:       2007/02/15
Author:     Thomas Heim (
Purpose:    A scalable dice font 
License:    LPPL

Distributed files:

   epsdice.ins      -- docstrip installer file
   epsdice.dtx      -- source and sample doc
   dice.pdf         -- dice drawings in pdf format
   README           -- this file
   epsdice.pdf      -- documentation (from LaTeX -> dvips -> pstopdf)

Generated files:
   epsdice.sty      -- the package
   epsdice.cfg      -- a config file
   dice.eps         -- dice drawings in eps format

Test installation:

With all distributed files in your present
working directory, run epsdice.ins through LaTeX.
To test the package, you can reproduce the documentation 
(epsdice.pdf) by running epsdice.dtx (twice) through pdfLaTeX 
or through LaTeX -> dvips -> pstopdf. 

If you decide to keep the package, move the files 
  epsdice.sty epsdice.cfg dice.eps dice.pdf
to /tex/latex/epsdice in your local texmf tree 
according to the instructions in epsdice.dtx/ins. 

Changes from version 2.0: 

- clean up the documentation
- minor bug fix in generated file dice.eps: removed spurious
  comment line at beginning
Changes from version 1.2: 

  (suggested by Christoph Zurnieden; Thanks!)
  \epsdice now recognises an OPTIONAL ARGUMENT [black] for
  reversed colors (white dots on black background)
- additional drawings (originally by Christoph Zurnieden) 
  in PostScript format

Changes from version 1.1: 

- Introduced `@' in counter name (program encapsulation)
- More detailed documentation of the PostScript code
  is now included in the sample document 
- renamed files with drawings to `dice.eps' and `dice.pdf'
- Now distributed as .ins and .dtx files (plus binary .pdf)

Changes from version 1.0: 

  (suggested by Rolf Niepraschk; Thanks!)

- Removed package option [dvips] for graphicx.
- Changed bounding box specifications to viewport specification
  to facilitate clipping in pdflatex.
- Added epsdice.pdf (generated from epsdice.eps).
- Replaced documentation by dicetest.tex.