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An Exapmle for dfgproposal.cls

proposal.tex              is a fake DFG proposal that shows all elements of 
                          dfgproposal.cls in action.
finalreport.tex		  does the same for dfgreporting.cls         
CV_PubList_Kohlhase.tex   is an example of the CV and publication lists required 
			  by the DFG
letter_submission.tex	  is an example submission letter. 
*.tex			  the rest are intemediate files
doc 			  contains the DFG documentation how to write proposals and 
			  final reports: These documents are not subject to the 
			  package's license but (c) DFG.  They are bundled for your 
			  convenience; up-to-date versions may be found at
Makefile                  allows the automation via a unix Makefile on the author's 
			  machine, adapt it to your needs

Copyright(c) 2010 Michael Kohlhase
The package is distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

The development version of this package can be found at