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The idxlayout package
Thomas Titz


The idxlayout package offers a key--value interface to configure index
layout parameters, e.g. allowing for three-column indexes or for
"parent" items and their affiliated subitems being typeset as a single
paragraph. The package is responsive to the index-related options and
commands of the KOMA-Script- and memoir classes.

Recent changes

Version 0.4d (2012/03/30)
- Adapted emulation of "theindex" to KOMA-Script v3.10
- Added \indexstheadcase

Version 0.4c (2010/06/26)
- Corrected option "justific=RaggedRight"
- Package "ragged2e" now loaded automatically

Version 0.4b (2010/03/01)
- Corrected emulation of \setindexpreamble
- New option "columnnote"
- Package "index" now supported

Version 0.4a (2010/01/24)
- New option "unbalanced"


Copyright (C) 2010--2012 by Thomas Titz <>

Permission is granted to distribute and/or modify this work under the
terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3c or

The LPPL maintenance status of this work is "maintained".

This work consists of the files idxlayout.dtx, idxlayout.ins and
README and the derived files idxlayout.pdf and idxlayout.sty.