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This is the README file for the keyval2e package.


Version 0.0.2, August 2011


The keyval2e package provides lightweight and robust facilities for
creating and managing keys. Its machinery isn't as extensive as
that of, eg, ltxkeys package, but it is equally robust. Ease of
use and speed of processing are the two main motives of this package.
Some, indeed many, applications of the key-value syntax (while they
call for robustness) don't require the full armor of key-value
processing as found in, eg, the ltxkeys package.

Ordinary, boolean, and choice keys can be created using only
one command (\kve@definekeys). Keys can be initialized (with
the command \kve@setdefaults) as soon as they are created or later. And
in any run the default values of keys can be used to set keys that
have no current values. The latter task is accomplished by the
command \kve@setafterdefaults, meaning 'set keys with the current
values after those without current values have been initialized/set
with their default values'. Normally, keys are set with the
re-entrant command \kve@setkeys.


Copyright (c) 2011 Ahmed Musa.

This software is author-maintained. Permission is granted to copy,
distribute and/or modify this software under the terms of the
LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3 or higher. This software
is provided 'as it is', without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose.


keyval.sty, xkeyval.sty, ltxkeys.sty


Ahmed Musa (