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			 The MAFR distribution

1. Purpose

The 'mafr' package provides settings and macros for typesetting
mathematics with LaTeX in compliance with French usage. It comes with
two document classes, 'fiche' and 'cours', useful to create short high
school documents such as tests or lessons.

2. Licence

You may freely use and distribute this package under the terms of the
GNU General Public License version 2 (see file COPYING).

3. Content of the folder

  README	This file.
  ALIRE		The French version of this file.
  COPYING	The GNU General Public License.
  mafr.sty	The 'mafr' package.
  fiche.cls	The 'fiche' document class.
  cours.cls	The 'cours' document class.
  docmafr.pdf	A short documentation in French.
  docmafr.tex	The source for the documentation.
  triangle.eps	A geometric figure included in the documentation.

4. Installation

On Unix like systems, copy folder 'mafr' into
'/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex', then run 'mktexlsr'.

With MiKTeX, copy folder 'mafr' into 'C:\texmf\tex\latex', then
run 'MiKTeX Options'. In the 'File name database' section, click on
'Refresh now'.

5. Contact

The author of the 'mafr' package is Christian Obrecht. To contact
him, please visit the 'mafr' page: