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newvbtm (v1.1): The package for your own verbatim-like environments
		containing two style files;
    newvbtm.sty:    To define your own verbatim-like environments
    varvbtm.sty:    To make some variants of verbatim

[How to "make"]

  % tex newvbtm.ins	# you'll have pfnote.sty, fnpos.sty, dblfnote.sty 
			# and newvbtm-man.tex
# to have user's manual  
  % latex newvbtm-man
  % makeindex -s -o newvbtm-man.ind newvbtm-man.idx
  % latex newvbtm-man

# to have implementation document
  % latex newvbtm.dtx
  % makeindex -s -o newvbtm.ind newvbtm.idx
  % makeindex -s -o newvbtm.gls newvbtm.glo
  % latex newvbtm.dtx


+ newvbtm.sty gives you \(re)newverbatim command to define your own
  verbatim-like environment.

+ varvbtm.sty defines macros for;
    - tab emulation
    - form-feed character handling
    - non-verbatim stuff insertion in verbatim-like environment
    - verbatim input file

+ A small bug causing trouble with LaTeX 2.09 is fixed in v1.1.


Hiroshi Nakashima <>