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Copyright © 1994 by Mariusz Olko.
Copyright © 1997, 1998 by Mariusz Olko and Marcin Woliński.
Copyright © 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2017 by Marcin Woliński.

Tools to typeset monolingual Polish documents in LaTeX2ε without babel
or polyglossia.  The package
• loads Polish hyphenation patterns,
• ensures a font encoding suitable for Polish is used; in particular
  it enables Polish adaptation of Computer Modern fonts (the so-called
  PL fonts),
• provides translations of \today and the names such as Bibliography or
• redefines math symbols according to Polish typographical tradition,
• provides macros for dashes according to Polish ortography,
• provides a historical input method of “Polish characters”,
• works with traditional TeX as well as with Unicode aware variants.

(This package was previously known as platex, but has been renamed to
resolve a name clash.)

Documented source code is in *.dtx and *.fdd files.

‘Polski’ is free software redistributable in according to LaTeX
Project Public License version 1.2 or above (see lppl.txt in base
LaTeX distribution).

To install ‘polski’ run TeX on instalation script polski.ins

    tex polski.ins

which will extract individual pieces of the bundle from the *.dtx

More info (in Polish) can be found in documentation of polski.sty.  To
obtain PDF file with documentation run

    pdflatex polski.dtx