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The quoting package
Thomas Titz


As an alternative to the LaTeX standard environments quotation and
quote, the quoting package provides a consolidated environment for
displayed text. First-line indentation is activated by adding a blank
line before the quoting environment. A key--value interface allows to
configure font properties and spacing and to control orphans within and
after the environment.

Change history

Version 0.1c (2014/01/28)
- "quoting" is now permitted to close with a list environment plus a
  blank line
- Options "font" and "font+" now work if a class (e.g. "scrbook",
  "scrreprt") or another package uses \let\do\relax

Version 0.1b (2012/02/21)
- Improved syntax of options "font" and "font+"
- New options "begintext" and "endtext"

Version 0.1a (2011/09/08)
- New option "indentfirst"

Version 0.1 (2011/08/08)
- Initial public release


Copyright (C) 2011--2014 by Thomas Titz <>

Permission is granted to distribute and/or modify this work under the
terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3c or

The LPPL maintenance status of this work is "maintained".

This work consists of the files quoting.dtx, quoting.ins and README
and the derived files quoting.pdf and quoting.sty.