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The rccol package for use with LaTeX
Current Version: 1.2c dated 2005/05/17
Copyright 2000-2005
License: LPPL, see rccol.dtx for more details
Eckhart Guthoehrlein
e-mail <>

The rccol package introduces a new column specifier 'R' for use within
the preamble of a LaTeX package. In 'R' columns, numbers will be
aligned with their corresponding digits, but centered with respect to
the total column width. Furthermore, numbers can be rounded to any
desired precision without changing the input.

Please note that there is no further development of rccol.
Do it yourself according to the license.

Small example:
   \multicolumn{1}{c}{Title of column 1} &
   \multicolumn{1}{c}{Title of column 2}\tabularnewline
   10.0 &  20  \tabularnewline
    1.7 &   1.7\tabularnewline
   -5   & 133  \tabularnewline
will roughly look like:

 Title of column 1  Title of column 2
       10.0                20.0
        1.7                 1.7
       -5.0               133.0