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README for regstats package, 2012/01/07, v1.0h


1 Introduction
2 Download
3 Installation
4 Additional Packages
5 Package Compatibility
6 Author/Maintainer
7 Bug Reports
8 Known Problems


This LaTeX package allows to count the number of used registers (counter,
dimen, skip, muskip, box, token, input, output, math families, languages,
insertions). Therefore the according \count is read. While \count10 should
be the number of the counters, \count11 the one of the dimens and so on,
it is possible to use option proof, in which case a new one of each register
is used and looked at \the\allocationnumber, and this is compared to the
number determined by reading the \count. The result for each register is
compared to the maximum available number of the respective register
(comparison independent of usage of option proof).
With option "left" additionally the number of remaining registers of each
type is given, and with option "timer" the time needed for the compilation
run (when either pdf(la)tex or lua(la)tex with
\directlua{starttime = os.clock()}
before \documentclass is used).
This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License
(LPPL). See
licenses.lppl.html for the details of that license.


`regstats' is available on CTAN:

tex regstats.dtx
generates the files
regstats.ins, regstats.drv, regstats.sty,
and regstats-example.tex.

Also a ZIP file is provided that contains these files,
the manual (regstats.pdf), the compiled example
(regstats-example.pdf), its log-file (regstats-example.log),
and this README, already sorted in a TDS tree:

`CTAN:' means one of the `Comprehensive TeX Archive Network'
nodes or one of its mirrors. This is explained in

The CTAN stuff will be mirrored automatically from the
ftp server, so
corresponds to


Installation with ZIP file in TDS format
The ZIP file `' contains the files
sorted in a TDS tree. Thus you can directly unpack the
ZIP file inside a TDS tree.
(See for an explanation of TDS.)
  cd /...somewhere.../texmf
  unzip /...downloadpath.../
Do not forget to refresh the file name database of this
TDS tree.
  texhash /...somewhere.../texmf

Manual installation
a) Download the regstats files from CTAN.
   If necessary, unpack them.
b) Generate the package and driver files:
     tex regstats.dtx
c) Install the file `*.sty' in your TDS tree:
     cp *.sty TDS:tex/latex/regstats/
   Replace `TDS:' by the prefix of your TDS tree
   (texmf directory).
d) Create the documentation (if necessary), e.g.
     pdflatex regstats.dtx
     makeindex -s regstats.idx
     pdflatex regstats.dtx
     makeindex -s regstats.idx
     pdflatex regstats.dtx
e) Update the databases if necessary, e.g. for teTeX:
     mktexlsr .../texmf
f) Create the regstats-example.pdf (if necessary), e.g.
     pdflatex regstats-example.tex
     pdflatex regstats-example.tex
   or remove the "%% " before "\directlua{starttime = os.clock()}"
   in the regstats-example.tex and use
     lualatex regstats-example.tex
     lualatex regstats-example.tex
     lualatex regstats-example.tex
g) Copy the documentation files to
   README, regstats.pdf, regstats-example.tex,
   regstats-example.log, regstats-example.pdf.


regstats loads other packages:
* kvoptions,
* atveryend,
* ltxcmds,
with option timer additionally:
* intcalc,
* ifluatex,
* ifpdf,
which again load other packages
(see the result of the \listfiles command in the log-file
 of the example).


regstats should be loaded very last (but can be loaded earlier).
The timer option does not work with e.g. XeTeX, only with
(pdf)(la)tex or (lua)(la)tex. (Otherwise just do not use the option.)


* H.-Martin Münch


A bug report should contain:
* Comprehensive problem description. This includes error or
  warning messages.
* \errorcontextlines=\maxdimen can be added in the
  TeX code to get more information in TeX error messages.
* Minimal test file that shows the problem, but does not
  contain any unnecessary packages and code.
* Used drivers/programs.
* Version information about used packages and programs.
* If you are using LaTeX, then add "\listfiles". Then
  a list of version information is printed at the end
  of the LaTeX run.
* Please no other files than the minimal test file.
  The other files .log, .dvi, .ps, .pdf are seldom
  necessary, so send them only on request.
* Please .zip or .tar.gz your file(s) before sending them!

Bug address
Bug reports can be send to the maintainer:
  H.-Martin Münch
  <Martin [dot] Muench [at] Uni-Bonn [dot] de>


* as yet: none.