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% ===============================================================
% The package aims to facilitate Russian typesetting (based on input
% using MicroSoft Code Page 1251).
% If you are going to use another encoding just type
% \usepackage[ENCODING]{inputenc}
% Russian hyphenation is selected, and various mathematical commands
% are set up in Russian style.
% Furthermore all Cyrillic letters’ catcodes are set to “letter”,
% so that commands with Cyrillic letters in their names may be defined.
% Also Cyrillic letters are declared as math symbol, so you can
% use it in formulas.
% glyphtounicode.tex included, so there is no problem with
% Cyrillics in PDF (copy-paste)
% ===============================================================
% License: LaTeX Project Public License
% This software is copyright but you are granted a license which
% gives you, the "user" of the software, legal permission to copy,
% distribute, and/or modify the software. However, if you modify the
% software and then distribute it (even just locally) you must change
% the name of the software, or use other technical means to avoid confusion.
% ===============================================================
% based on russlh.sty, mathlh.sty, russcorr.sty and glyphtounicode.tex
% ===============================================================