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The bundle collects packages and classes, along with one bibliography style and examples and scripts for converting TeX files.  Many of the files in the collection are designed to support field biologists and/or Russian writers, while others have wider application.

The collection includes (among others):

    * altverse , a simple verse typesetting package;

    * autolist , which provides various list formatting facilities;

    * biokey , which provides a mechanism for typesetting biological identification lists;

    * biolist , which typesets species lists;

    * boldline , which typesets heavier separating lines in tables;

    * cassete (cassette-shipunov), which lays out audio cassette inserts;

    * classif2 , which typesets classification lists;

    * drcaps , which provides dropped capital macros;

    * etiketka, a class for typesetting business-card-sized information (including business cards);

    * flower, for typesetting lists of flower formulae;

    * isyntax;

    * numerus;

    * punct;

    * sltables , which develops on the  stables  package, for use in a LaTeX context; and

    * starfn.