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                            Tabvar package

This LaTeX package is meant to ease the typesetting of tables showing
variations of functions as they are used in France. 
The documentation is in French.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
for the details of that license.

Have a look at the PDF file demo.pdf in the doc directory, to have
a quick overview of how to use this package.
Read file tabvar.pdf in the doc directory, for the complete documentation
of the provided commands.

Listing of the package:
-- README (this file)
-- source : tabvar.dtx tabvar.ins
-- font: tabvar.afm tabvar.tfm tabvar.pfb
-- inputs: tabvar.sty tabvar.cfg tabvar.1 tabvar.2 tabvar.3
-- doc: tabvar.pdf demo.pdf demo.tex

Installation: this bundle is included in most TeX distributions, but
if you need to install it by yourself, a TDS compliant zip archive is
provided (  Just download that file, and unpack it in
your TDS directory (~/texmf for Unix-like systems).
You have got everything in place including documentation and sources,
the only remaining thing to do is to type the command
updmap --enable
in a Terminal window in order to make the PostScript arrows available.

Daniel Flipo, <>
April, 3rd, 2010.