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% (C) Lars Madsen,, 2013/07/23
% This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
% See 
% for the details of that license.

This small package brings tablenotes to longtable, though using a
slightly different syntax.

By default it does not change anything in theeparttable.

If asked for (using the referable package option), we change some
threeparttable internals such that table notes are referable, i.e.

\item[a] \label{tn:a} some text

then \ref{tn:a} gives you an 'a' (without any formatting). Instead of
manually keeping track of all the \tnote arguments in the table you
can now do \tnotex{tn:a} to get \tnote{\ref{tn:a}}. 

For information on how to use threeparttable with longtable see the manual.

* v0.3
  Bug fix, \roman -> \romannumeral

* v0.25
  Sporadic space removed

* v0.2 
  Bug fixes regarding threeparttable options	

* v0.1
  Bug fix, width of table notes inserted into longtable 
  might get the wrong width

* v0.08
  re-Added support for \note and \source when loading the referable option, 
  for example of use, see the manual

  They got lost in the last update (someone forgot to commit them to his 
  subversion repository)

* v0.06
  Made \tnotex robust

* v0.04 
  Added \setTableNoteFont

* v0.03 
  First public release.