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Package `xcolor' by Dr. Uwe Kern
(xcolor at ukern dot de)

v2.12 (2016/05/11)

`xcolor' provides easy driver-independent access to several kinds of
colors, tints, shades, tones, and mixes of arbitrary colors by means of
color expressions like \color{red!50!green!20!blue}.
It allows to select a document-wide target color model and offers tools
for automatic color schemes, conversion between nine color models,
alternating table row colors, color blending and masking, color
separation, and color wheel calculations.

Installation instructions

Extract all package files:
  `latex xcolor.ins'

Put the generated files to their respective locations
within the TeX installation:
  *.sty -> /tex/latex/xcolor/
  *.def -> /tex/latex/xcolor/
  *.pro -> /dvips/xcolor/

Create the documentation:
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `makeindex -s xcolor.idx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'

Run the test files (N=1,2,...):
  `latex xcolorN.tex'
  `latex xcolorN.tex'


- `xcolor1.tex' should run with both LaTeX and pdfLaTeX, it yields a
  50-page document with several systematic color conversion examples
- `xcolor2.tex' is a 3-page `pstricks' example document that won't run
  with pdfLaTeX
- `xcolor3.tex' is a 2-page example for demonstrating several display
  and logging facilities
- `xcolor4.tex' is a 1-page driver test file;
  uncomment the relevant code line in the header and run it with the
  appropriate program, e.g., `latex xcolor4' or any other processor;
  apply any desired post-processing like dvips, dvipdfm, etc.
- If the file `xcolor.ins' is missing, run `latex xcolor.dtx' once
  and quit the LaTeX compiler as soon as the first error message


See file `ChangeLog'.