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Biblatex-mla provides Biblatex support for references and citations in the
style defined by the Modern Language Association (MLA). The style is a common
standard for writers in the humanities and is outlined in the MLA Style Manual
and the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. These files follow
definitions for the 7th and 8th editions of the MLA Handbook.  Before using 
biblatex-mla, you will need to install Biblatex. Biblatex is commonly 
included with most installations of LaTeX, but it can also be found at

Manual Installation:
1. Locate your latex installation folder
	- In OS X, it can be found at 
2. Create a new folder called "biblatex-mla" if there isn't already one there
3. Place the biblatex-mla files into this folder

1. Call the MLA style in your Latex document using the following four lines in
your Latex preface:
	- (replace "style=mla-new" with "style=mla" if you'd prefer to use the 
	  style described in the old edition of the Handbook)
	- (replace "<bibfile>" with the name of your .bib bibliography file)
	- to use MLA-style footnotes, use the "autocite=footnote" package option
2. Cite a text with \autocite{<key>}, cite a page with
\autocite[<page>]{<key>}, and include a citational prenote---"'To be or not to
be,' he wrote (Shakespeare qtd. in Brown 34)"---with
	- (replace <key>, <page>, and <prenote> with their respective elements)
3. Before the end of your document, include the following line where you want
your bibliography to appear:

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See for the
details of that license.