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historische-zeitschrift 2016/12/01 v1.2
Copyright (c) Dominik Wa├čenhoven <domwass(at)>, 2014-2016

Contents of README
 1. Package description
 2. Installation
 3. Usage notes
 4. History
 5. Licence
 6. Files

 1. Package description
 historische-zeitschrift is a citation style for the 
 biblatex package. It provides citations according with the
 house style of the 'Historische Zeitschrift', a German 
 historical journal. The scheme is a fullcite for the first 
 citation and 'Author, Shorttitle (as note N), P' for later 
 citations (P being the page number). For further details, 
 see the description of the house style at
 (in German).
 This package depends on biblatex;
 please also check the requirements for biblatex itself.

 2. Installation
 historische-zeitschrift is part of the distributions MiKTeX 
 and TeX Live. Thus, you can easily install it using the 
 respective package manager. If you would like to install 
 historische-zeitschrift manually, do the following:
 Extract the archive to the $LOCALTEXMF directory of
 your system. Refresh your filename database. For further 
 information, please see the documentation of your LaTeX
 3. Usage notes
 The style is loaded as the biblatex standard styles:
 Note that the style is designed for footnote citations 
 only. Cite commands used outside footnotes will always 
 produce full citations!

 The additional option 'postnote=inparen' provides the 
 possibility to print the page number in subsequent 
 citations inside the parenthesis: 
   'Author, Shorttitle (as note N, P)'
 The standard behaviour is 'postnote=afterparen':
   'Author, Shorttitle (as note N), P'

 The 'dashed' option
 This option is analogue to the standard biblatex styles,
 where it is desribed as follows:
   By default, this style replaces recurrent authors/editors 
   in the bibliography by a dash so that items by the same 
   author or editor are visually grouped. This feature is 
   controlled by the package option dashed. Setting 
   dashed=false in the preamble will disable this feature. 
   The default setting is dashed=true.

 4. History
 see file CHANGES

 5. Licence
 This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
 conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
 version 1.3 of this license or (at your option) any later 
 version. The latest version of this license is in and version 1.3 or 
 later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 
 2005/12/01 or later.
 This work has the LPPL maintenance status `maintained'.
 The Current Maintainer of this work is Dominik Wa├čenhoven.
 6. Files

 This work consists of the following files:

 * README                      % this file, including licence
 * LIESMICH                    % the README in German
 * CHANGES                     % version history 
 * historische-zeitschrift.bbx % bibliography style
 * historische-zeitschrift.cbx % citation style
 * historische-zeitschrift.lbx % language file (German only)