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psfont.dtx is intended as a replacement for psfonts.dtx of psnfss. It uses
one file for redefining the all default fonts instead of one file for each
font. It also contains all parts of psfonts.dtx which are not covered by
this general concept, ie. the pifonts, mathptm and two .fd-files for Adobe
Symbol and Adobe Zapf Dingbats. This file is specific to PostScript fonts.
The package works with a style file psfont.sty and a configuration file

altfont.dtx uses the same concepts as psfont.dtx, but is written in a more
general way. It can be used with any fonts which are to be used as default
fonts. It is more powerful than psfont.dtx, but does not contain anything
PostScript specific. It can be used as a replacement for some parts of
both psnfss and mfnfss. 

Both files require LaTeX2e.

Sebastian Kirsch <>