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arydshln (v1.75): The package to draw dash-lines in array/tabular

[How to "make"]

  % tex arydshln.ins	# you'll have arydshln.sty and arydshln-man.tex

# to have user's manual (its PDF is included in the distribution)
  % latex arydshln-man
  % makeindex -s -o arydshln-man.ind arydshln-man.idx
  % latex arydshln-man

# to have implementation document (its PDF is included in the distribution)
  % latex arydshln.dtx
  % makeindex -s -o arydshln.ind arydshln.idx
  % makeindex -s -o arydshln.gls arydshln.glo
  % latex arydshln.dtx


+ Vertical dash-lines are drawn by `:' in the preamble of array/

+ Horizontal dash-lines are drawn by \hdashline and

+ Dash and gap size may be changed by setting \dashlinedash and
  \dashlinegap globally , or locally by `;{<dash>/<gap>}' for vertical
  and optional argument [<dash>/<gap>] of \hdashline/\cdashline for

+ A few commands for fine tuning, performance tuning, etc. are also

+ Compatible with "array" (from v1.4), "colortab" (from v1.5),
  "longtable" (from v1.6) and "colortbl (from v1.7).

- Bugs found in v1.7 has been fixed in the successive versions from v1.71 to
  v1.74 (this version).


Hiroshi Nakashima <h'DOT'nakashima'AT'media'DOT'kyoto-u'DOT'ac'DOT'jp>