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Package: begingreek version 1.5 of 2015/02/16
Copyright 2015 Claudio Beccari
Licence: LaTeX Project Public Licence LPPL v.1.3 (or later)
Maintainer: claudio dot beccari at gmail dot com

This little package (module) contains the definition of the environment
greek and the command \greektxt to typeset Greek text with pdfLaTeX
only. In a certain way the environment greek mimics the homonymous 
environment defined by polyglossia (to be used withXeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX).

This module must be loaded after the babel package and after the babel 
option greek has been specified either directly to the babel package, 
or among the class options.

Both the environment and the command accept an optional argument useful
to choose a Greek font family among those that are available for LGR 
encoded real or virtual fonts. This module perform the necessary checks 
in order to control that the NFSS font file .fd does actually exist.

The documentation file shows several examples and, in particular, some
specimens of most, if not all, LGR encoded Greek font families available
with TeX Live 2014.

By running pdfLaTeX on the begingreek.dtx file, both the .sty file
and the documentation in PDF format are generated.

It is suggested that the .dtx file, is stored in a .../source/latex/begingreek/ 
folder; the .pdf file, together with the manifest.txt and README files, 
in a .../doc/latex/begingreek/ folder; and the .sty file in a 
.../tex/latex/begingreek/ folder.