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Document class for producing books for the Teubner Verlag, Germany

1. Introduction

I have programmed the "bgteubner.cls" document class by order of the
Teubner Verlag (which was renamed via Vieweg+Teubner to Springer Vieweg),
Wiesbaden, Germany. This has been done to ensure that
books of this publisher have a unique layout. The publisher has 
allowed me to distribute the document class with auxilliary files
and documentation freely. Unfortunately, most of the documentation
is only available in German.

Since the document class is intended to generate a unique layout, many
things (layout etc.) are fixed and cannot be altered by the used.
If you want to use the document class for another purpose than publishing
with the Teubner Verlag, this may arrise unwanted restrictions
(For instance, the document class provides only two paper sizes:
DIN A-5 and 17cm x 24cm; only two font families are supported:
Times and European Computer Modern). If you want to adapt some files
you have to rename them before, according to the LPPL license. Please
do it also according to the additional remarks in the files bgteucls.dtx
and bgteubner.cls.

When you produce documents using this document class, the PDF file gets
a "Creator" entry that includes the class name and the name of the
Teubner Verlag. If you modify a copy of this class, these texts have
to be preserved. I cannot forbid you (according to LPPL) to overwrite
this entry in the document itself. But please don't do it since the
publisher has asked me to preserve that entry.

The document class needs some additional packages, partly relatively
new ones, partly packages that are not installed on most TeX
installations. A list of needed packages is contained in usefiles.txt.
Depending on the class options, not all packages are needes; but I
will not specify it in more detail.

If you recognize that many packages of your installation are too old
it may be worth to install a new distribution.

The German documentation files bgteubner-17x24-times.pdf and
bgteubner-17x24-cm.pdf describe how to use the document class. In 
addition, they include installation instructions for the TeXLive 8

2. Files in the distribution and installation

The distribution of the bgteubner bundle depends on how you got it
(did you get it from CTAN or as CD by the Teubner-Verlag?).

2.1 CTAN version

The bundle has following directories:

doc/          Documentation (in German):
              bgteubner-17x24-times.pdf  Author guidelines (Times font),
              bgteucls.pdf               Documentation of the document class
                                         itself (only experts).
doc/src/      Source code of the documentation.
hhsubfigure/  Source code of the hhsubfigure package.
source/       Source code of the document class.

To install the document class and the auxilliary files, you have to 
change to the source/ directory. Run LaTeX on "bgteucls.ins". This
produces a couple of files that have to be copied to special directories.
If your TeX installation complies to the TDS the targets for theses files


If you use Unix you simply may use
  make install
for everything.

In addition, the hhsubfigure package has to be installed. Therefore, run
latex on hhsubfigure.ins in the hhsubfigure/ directory. Then, copy
hhsubfigure.sty to the


directory. Since usage of the hhsubfigure and the subfigure.sty packages
is identical, refer to the subfigure documentation.

Surely, more needed packages are not installed on your system. Please have
a look to usefiles.txt to find out which you still need. You can download
them from the CTAN servers.

2.2 Teubner CD version

If you have a CD of the Teubner Verlag, you have following directories:

doc/          Documentation (in German):
              bgteubner-17x24-cm.pdf     Author guidelines (European
                                         Computer Modern font),
              bgteubner-17x24-times.pdf  Author guidelines (Times font),
              bgteubner-17x24-mathtime.pdf  Author guidelines (Times font
                                         with MathTime mathematics),
              bgteucls.pdf               Documentation of the document class
                                         itself (only experts).
doc/src/      Source code of the documentation.
hhsubfigure/  Source code of the hhsubfigure package.
source/       Source code of the document class.
pakete/       Classes and packages that are not contained in TeXLive 8 or 
              that are too old there.
alt/          Old versions of the document class.

Since it is unlikely that you get a CD by the Teubner Verlag an don't 
speak German, there is no separat installation guide here.

3. Update

If you are updating from an older version, you can find out the
changes in the file source/ChangeLog or at the end of the file

Many spacings have been changed from version 1.07 to 1.10. If you are
nearly ready with producing a document you better postpone the update.

From version 1.14 to 1.21, some margins had to be changed in the
important(*) and longimportant(*) environments. Thus, changes of the
line and page breaks are possible there.

4. License

bgteubner class bundle

Copyright 2003--2012 Harald Harders

This program may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3
of this license or (at your opinion) any later version.
The latest version of this license is in
and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX
version 1999/12/01 or later.
This program consists of all files listed in manifest.txt.

For the files bgteucls.dtx and bgteubner.cls, there is an additional
license agreement:

If you modify a renamed copy of the files `bgteubner.cls' or
`bgteucls.dtx', you have to preserve some information in the
PDF /Creator entry. The following data have to remain:
- The name `bgteubner.cls',
- a hint that this class has been developed for the `Teubner
  Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany'.


Harald Harders