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This directory contains version 2.1.4a of the hhsubfigure package.
This is a slightly modified version of the `subfigure' package by
Steven Douglas Cochran. The origianl package can be downloaded from

Makefile           UNIX makefile to extract the subfigure package
                       and related material.
README             This file.
subfigure.dtx      The documented subfigure package.
subfigure.ins      The subfigure package installation file.

For the original package `subfigure' refer to 

Since the hhsubfigure package is only intended to be used with 
the bgteubner document class, the README file has been shortened.
When Steven will have distributed the (announced) successor of the
subfigure package, this package is likely to be deleted from CTAN.
Thus, please don't use it without the bgteubner document class.

Harald Harders