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diagram --- A package for typesetting chessproblems
Version v1.12 / Stefan Hoening 2015


-   README (this file)
-   diagram.dtx
-   diagram.ins
-   diagram.pdf

The font sources by Elmar Bartel are published under conditions of the 
GNU General Public License.


Install the fonts package (bartel-chess-fonts) into your
tex installation.

Run TeX/LaTeX on diagram.ins to unpack the dtx.
Put the extracted 'diagram.sty' into tex/latex/diagram.


diagram.pdf. This file may be created from the documentation using
the provided Makefile.


This packages provides macros to typeset problem chess diagrams including
fairy chess problems (mostly using rotated images of pieces) and other boards.


The macro package uses tex fonts provided by the
package as provided on CTAN or under the same name in TeX Live. 
You need to install these fonts before you can use the package.