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chessfss --- chess fontselection scheme Version 1.2a
Ulrike Fischer 2006


- Readme (this file)
- chessfss-scr.dtx
- chessfss.ins
- chessfss.pdf
- chessfss.pdf
- chessfonts_gallery.pdf

Run TeX/LaTeX on chessfss.ins to unpack the dtx.
Put the files the .sty, the .def and all the .fd-files in

You will also get two generic .enc-files.
Put them together with the two .pdf's
in doc/latex/chessfss/.

The ins-file suggest the following directories:

for the encoding-.def-files:

for the .fd-files of the skak-fonts:

for the .fd-files of the skaknew-fonts:

for the two generic .enc-files:

If you have a docstrip.cfg which points to one of your texmf-tree e.g. with the content


AND IF ALL FOLDERS EXIST then the ins.file will unpack to this
folders. If you want the files to go to other locations you can
change the pathes in the .ins-file.

The dtx-file doesn't contain any documentation.
So running LaTeX on it makes no sense!


chessfss.pdf. There isn't a source for the documentation as it use some
local fonts and styles.


This package offers commands to use and switch between chess
fonts. It use the LaTeX font selection scheme (nfss).

The package doesn't parse, format and print "Portable Game
Notation" (PGN) input like e.g. the packages skak or texmate.

The aim of the package is to offer writers of chess packages a
bundle of commands for fonts, so that they don't have to
implement all this commands for themselves. chessfss.sty is now
used in the version of skak.sty which you can find at