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This directory contains four .sty files that are mutually compatible,
but (mostly) independent:

cite.sty       Compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations: [8,11-16]
               with many options for controlling the formatting.

overcite.sty   like \usepackage[superscript]{cite}

drftcite.sty   Print the tags instead of the numbers for \cite and \bibitem.

chapterbib.sty Do multiple bibliographies--one for each \include file.

The user manuals for cite and chapterbib are LaTeX files cite.ltx
and chapterbib.ltx, and already typeset pdf versions.

They are all released under a very simple permissive license in
the MIT/BSD style:  They may be freely used, transmitted, reproduced, 
or modified provided that the copyright and permission notice is 
left intact.

Donald Arseneau