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`cookybooky' is a package to give recipes a proper 
- quite professional - layout and a user friendly 
input mask to enter the ingredients, the preparation 
and some additional hints to the recipes at ease. 

The usage of key-value-pairs for some commands and 
some other easy-to-handle-commands will make it 
easy for the customer to quickly setup some recipes
and bring them into `good shape' or simply archive
them ...

Very new - compared to other recipe packages - 
will be, to underline the recipe pages with some 
transparent background graphics and transparent 
text and as well position some more graphics on 
the appropriate page to show the food, that is 
to be cooked - also easily implemented. 

Package contents

The current distribution is zipped up as 
and consists of the 
  `cookybooky.ins' and
  `README.txt' files, 
a proper documentation, called `Manual.pdf', 
as well as some demo graphics (in `eps' format) 
and some (hopefully helpful) example files.

Installation hints
Unzip the 
to a folder where your TeX system will find it.
Open the 
in your favorite editor and latex it. 
will automatically be generated and additionally 
a customer's helper file 
in which customer settings can be setup.

System requirements
The default workflow is

  latex -> dvi -> dvips -> ps2pdf

pdftex is not possible yet, maybe in an update.

As well needed are some fonts like Brush Script, 
Lucida Handwriting, Lucida Calligraphy to present 
the recipe names in an elegant way.

Due to this is my first package, I have a quite long 
list of required packages, which however most are in 
TeX standard distributions and listed in the manual.

Current maintainer
Copyright (C) 2009, Jürgen Gilg, <>