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The covington package

LaTeX macros for Linguistics

Copyright 1991--2019 Michael A. Covington
                     Robin Fairbairns
                     Juergen Spitzmueller

Current Maintainer: Juergen Spitzmueller
E-mail: juergen (at) spitzmueller (dot) org

Released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3 or later


This package, initially a collection of Michael Covington's private macros, provides
numerous minor LaTeX enhancements for linguistics, including multiple diacritics on
the same letter, interlinear glosses (word-by-word translations), Discourse
Representation Structures, and example numbering.


The package consists of the following files:

* covington.sty: the actual package
* covington.tex: the documentation
* README (this file)


* Version 2.3 (2019-06-21):
	- Add preamble option to subexamples environment.
	- Allow to use covington together with the drs package.
	- Documentation fixes and restructuring.

* Version 2.2 (2019-06-04):
	- Add new option owncounter that makes covington use an own counter for examples
	  (rather than the equation counter).
	- Add starred \exampleno* command that outputs the current example number value
	  without stepping it.
	- Add macros \covexamplefs and \covexamplenofs for global setting of example text

* Version 2.1 (2019-05-12):
	- Add new option noglossbreaks that tries to prevent page breaks within glosses.
	- Add \glosspreamble command and preamble gloss macro option for arbitrary text
	  preceding glosses.

* Version 2.0 (2018-12-10):
	- Add new gloss macros (\digloss and \trigloss) for a more convenient,
	  flexible and robust gloss insertion.
	- Add \glot command for customizable gloss translation line,
	  together with customization possibilities.
	- Add possibility to customize \sentence font setting.
	- Add \lexp, \lcon and \lmean markup macros.

* Version 1.8 (2018-12-07):

	- Fix font markup of second gloss line (do not force rm).
	- Add possibility to customize gloss line font setting.
	- Add possibility to customize example number display.

* Version 1.7 (2018-09-08):

	- Fix alignment in subexamples.
	- Improve manual.

* Version 1.6 (2018-09-07):

	- Introduce new environment subexamples for sub-examples such as 1a.
	- Introduce new command \pxref that outputs references to examples including

* Version 1.5 (2018-08-24):

	- Introduce new option "keeplayout" that allows to opt-out the
	  layout presettings covington does (\raggedbottom, \textfloatsep).

* Version 1.4 (2017-05-23):

	- Introduce a new macro \twodias that supersedes the rather odd \twoacc
	  (which is kept for backwards compatibility).

	- Introduce macro \SetDiaOffset for more convenient setting of vertical
	  distance in stacked diacritics.

	- LaTeX 2.09 is no longer officially supported (it might continue to work,
	  but is not tested).

	- Documentation file converted to un*x line endings.

* Version 1.3 (2017-04-05):

        - Gloss variants \xgll and \xglll that work inside macros (such as footnotes)
          but require explicit gloss line end markers (\xgle).

	- Provide way to globally alter indentation and vertical distance of reflists
          (new lengths \reflistindent, \reflistparsep and \reflistitemsep).

* Version 1.2 (2016-08-26):

	- New length \examplenumbersep to adjust (increase) the horizontal space
	  between example number and example text.
	- Add some more info about bibliography generation.

* Version 1.1a (2016-07-07):

	- Fix encoding problem in documentation and some typos. No change in functionality.

* Version 1.1 (2016-07-06):

	- The package now uses NFSS font commands if available (fallback for LaTeX 2.09
	  is still provided).

	- Work around clash with classes/packages that define their own example and
	  examples environments (most notably the beamer class) as well as execise
	  environments. The covington package no longer blindly attempts to define
	  these environments. By default, it does not define them if they are already
	  defined (covington's own environments, however, are still available via aliases).
	  By means of a new package option, a redefinition can also be forced.

	- New length \twoaccsep allows for the adjustment of the distance between stacked

	- Update manual.

	- New maintainer: J. Spitzmueller.

	- License has been changed to LPPL (in agreement with M. Covington).

	- Introduce version numbers. Arbitrarily, we start with 1.1.