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%% This is file `README'.
%% Copyright (C) 1991-2017 Ian Maclaine-Cross
%% This file may be distributed under the terms of the
%% LaTeX Project Public License.
%% See file curves.dtx for details.
%% Internet:

The CURVES package version 1.55 of 2017/08/25.


Draws curves in the LaTeX 2e picture environment using parabolic arcs
between data points with continuous slope at joins.  For circles and
circular arcs uses up to 16 parabolic arcs. Also draws symbols or dash
patterns along curves. A straight side switch changes curves to
polygons.  Extends picture capability without extra programs and data
files.  Parabolic arcs consist of short chords drawn by overlapping
disks or line drawing `\special's selected by package options.


If your LaTeX system is comprehensive curves.sty may already be
installed.  Download `curves.dtx' and run

  $ latex curves.dtx

If you get the error message:

  ! LaTeX Error: File `curves.sty' not found.	

curves is not installed.  If you get messages about `\straighttrue'
undefined you need to upgrade `curves.sty'.  If LaTeX stops processing
with anything else press `S' then `Enter'.

Use the following if you wish to install or upgrade `curves.sty'.
Download `curves.ins' and run

  $ latex curves.ins

which will generate `curves.sty' and `curvesls.sty' from `curves.dtx'.
To install curves you need to put `curves.sty' on your TeX search path
as root or administrator and run `mktexlsr' or equivalent to update
the TeX file databases.


Download and read `curves.pdf' for instructions and simple examples. 


The program curves consists of the following files:

Name               Description
README             This file.
curves.dtx         Source for all files below.
curves.ins         Used by LaTeX in generating .sty files.
curves.pdf         Instructions for use of curves.
curves.sty         Used by LaTeX to run curves commands.
curvesls.sty       Obsolete and deprecated since 2000.
latex2pdf          Example script using latex, dvips and ps2pdf
                   to give smaller PDFs with curves dvips option.  

%% End of file `README'.