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This package contains the following files:

     - `Readme': this file.
     - `dramatist.dtx': the package source file.
     - `dramatist.ins': the installation driver file.

In order to get file `dramatist.sty' you have to run tex on
`dramatist.ins' (you'll get also the example files).

In order to get documentation you have to run latex on

Then move `dramatist.sty' in a directory where TeX looks for style
files and move documentation files in the directory you like.
N.B.: if you have a file `docstrip.cfg' in your system you only
need to create directories <basedir>/tex/latex/dramatist and
<basedir>/doc/latex/dramatist - TeX will automatically move the
files in these directories.

This package is released under the GNU General Public License. The
related documentation is released under the terms of the FDPL Free
Documentation Public Licence. For further details concerning these
licenses see the documentation.

                    |  DRAMATIST  |

                      - Overview -

The present package provides support for drama both in verse and
in prose. The following facilities are given: two environments for
typesetting dialogues in prose or in verse; new document divisions
corresponding to acts and scenes; macros that control the
appearance of characters and stage directions; and automatical
generation of a `Dramatis Personae' list.

                     - Changelog -

v1.0 First public release.

v1.1 Added support for line numbering.

     Added a \speaker command for characters not included in
     the `Dramatis Personae' list.

     Changes made to the `drama*' environment.

     \act \scene and \DramPer made more compliant to the standard
     document division commands.

v1.2 Added support for `poemscol' package.

     Introduced an `uppercase' series of sectioning commands.

     First argument in \Character made optional (this causes
     incompatibility with previous versions).

     Added environment (`CharacterGroup') for characters groups in
     the `Dramatis Personae' list.

     Added various hooks for user customization.

v1.2a Fixed a bug in the vertical spacing of \DramPer.

      Changed name of counter 'linenumber' to 'verselinenumber'
      in order to mantain compatibility with package 'poemscol'.
v1.2c Fixed a conflict with the spanish extension of `babel'.
      Fixed a bug in macro \direct: issuing a \<name> command
      at the end of this macro no more produces unwanted spaces.
      Fixed a typo in the author e-mail address.

v1.2d Fixed a bug in the spacing of characters' groups inside a
      dramatis personae list.

      Fixed a bug with \dirdelimiter.

      Fixed a bug with \speaksdel inside a verse drama environment.

v1.2e Fixed a bug with \actcontentsline and \scenecontentsline not
      actually used by \Act, \act, \Scene and \scene.

      Updated e-mail contact.
                 - Bugs Report -

Please report any bugs you find, sending an e-mail to this
address: While I don't guarantee you an
immediate answer, I'll try to solve any problem and I'll be glad
to receive suggestions. I hope you'll enjoy this poor result of my

Massimiliano Dominici.