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EEPIC is a set of TeX macros for LaTeX. It includes several extensions to EPIC 
and LaTeX picture drawing environement and provides several new commands.

Additions to Version 1.00
o new commands to draw filled cirlces and ellipsis.
o new command to set line thickness to any width.
o bugs in EEPICEMU.sty are fixed.

Extensions to LaTeX and EPIC include:
o drawing of lines in any slopes
o drawing of circles in any radii
o drawing of dotted lines and dash lines in a much faster way and much less 
  TeX memory

It also provides new commands for:
o drawing ellipsis
o drawing arcs
o drawing of splines

Please read the manual for details. 


The standard EEPIC style file generates tpic \special. If your printer does not 
support those specials, you have to either change "eepic" in the 
\documentstyle command to "eepicemu" or rename "eepicemu.sty" to "eepic.sty" 
before formating the manual. "eepicemu.sty" is the emulation package of EEPIC 
using EPIC and it does not generate any \special command. However, \arc 
command is not supported in the emulation package. Hence, you will get 3 error 
messages if you use "eepicemu" to format the manual. Furthermore, the 
emulation package uses a lot more TeX memory. If your TeX run out of memory 
during the formating of the manual, you can insert \clearpage between example 
3 and example 4 to put them on different pages.

EPIC is an TeX macro package for use with LaTeX. It is written by 
Sunil Podar, Dept of Computer Science, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY 11794.
The "epic.sty" file is include in the distribution so that you can format the 
manual. I strongly recommend everyone using EEPIC should get a full package of 
EPIC. Information on getting EPIC and printer drivers that support tpic 
specials are given at the end of this file.

[ I tried to contact the author to get permission to include "epic.sty"  ] 
[ in EEPIC distribution but I did not get any reply. I hope this is okay ]

o Any line beginning with "%%" in eepic.sty may be removed for efficiency

*******E-MAIL Address*******
% Internet : kwok@iris
% csnet    : kwok@ucd.csnet
% csnet    :
% UUCP	   : ...!ucbvax!ucdavis!iris!kwok

--Conrad Kwok

First, thanks to all who have responsed to my question. It seems
to me that not many DVI drivers currently support tpic
specials but a number of people are planning to support tpic
specials in their new DVI drivers. Here is the summary.

1) "iptex" written by Chris Torek --- This is for imagen printer. 
It is included in the UNIX TeX distribution.  It is also
available for anonymous ftp from in

2) "texx" written by Dirk Grunwald --- DVI previewers for X11. 
It supports most of the tpic specials but not all. It is part of
the iptex package. See 1) above.

3) "texsun" written by Dirk Grunwald --- DVI previewers for
Sunview window system. It supports most of the tpic specials. It
is also part of the iptex package. See 1) above.

4) "dvips" written by Tomas Rokicki and tpic special codes are
added by Dorab Patel --- A DVI to Postscript translator. It is
available for anonymous ftp from

5) L. Michael Gray in the University of New Hamsphire said he has
modified dln01 (for DEC LN01S), dvi2ps and xdvi (for X10.4) to
handle tpic specials. He may be reached at lmg%unhcs@RELAY.CS.NET.

6) "dviis" previewers for Integrated Solutions. I think it is
available on

7) DVI previewers written by Randy Buckland for VMS vaxstations.
The program is written in Ada. The executable is available for
anonymous ftp from [].

8) There are a number of DVI drivers in but I
don't know which one support tpic specials and who one don't.

9) Another "dvips" is available from in

10) quicspool that come with the distribution also supports tpic

Some of the information here come at second hand. Correct me if
any of these are wrong. If you know any DVI drivers that support
tpic specials but they are not list here. Please send me a
message so that I can keep this list up-to-date.

Additions to Version 1.1
o new commands to do area fill for circles, ellipses, paths and
o allows user to define the area fill pattern. It may not work on
  all dvi drivers but it is known to work using iptex.