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eq2db v2.0 2016/01/02 D. P. Story

Short Summary: Converts a self-contained exerquiz quiz to one that is
submitted to a server-side script.

eq2db is meant to be used with the exerquiz package, one of the components of
the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle ( The package redefines
the 'End Quiz' button (of the quiz environment) appropriately so that when
the user clicks it, the results of the quiz are sent to a server-side script.

The eq2db package has several options for disposing of the quiz results:
    (1) eqRecord: save quiz results to a database
    (2) eqText: save quiz results to a tab-delimited text file
    (3) eqEmail: send quiz results to a list of recipients via email

(New to v2.0) The submitAs option allows the document author to submit as
FDF, HTML, or XML. The scripts provided by this package are designed FDF

For FDF submittal, accompanying each of the three options listed above is a
server-side script. These are ASP pages written with VBScript. A Windows
server running Microsoft IIS is required; Adobe FDF Toolkit is also required
to be installed on the server.

Now, I simply must get back to my retirement.

D. P. Story