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README for the fancynum package

Fancynum is a LaTeX package for typestting numbers, in particular
those numbers written by computers.

To install the package
* LaTeX the file fancynum.ins
* move fancynum.sty to somewhere where LaTeX can find it

For documentation, LaTeX the file fancynum.dtx. 

An example file, examples.tex, requires the file dbltable.tex
which is produced by the "table" program. If you have the gcc
C compiler and "make" then 

  make examples.dvi

should do the work for you.

All files in the package are released under the the terms of 
the LaTeX Project Public License, as described in lppl.txt 
in the base LaTeX distribution. Either version 1.0 or, at 
your option, any later version.

The most recent version of the package will normally be 
available on CTAN, or at the author's homepage

Bugs reports and suggestions can be sent to

  J. J. Green, 
  Dept Applied Mathematics, 
  University of Sheffield, UK.

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