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Notes on fixfoot.sty

This is an experimental package that provides fixed footnotes; only
one instance of a fixed footnote will appear on any one page.  (The
package is "experimental" because it's lacking at least one obvious
facility; no reports of problems in actual use have been received.)

The package defines a single command, \DeclareFixedFootnote, which
takes an optional *, and two `ordinary' arguments.

If the optional * is present, the command declared has an \xspace
command (from the xspace package) imbedded in it, so that spaces
following the fixed footnote in running text tend not to be lost.

The first ordinary argument is a command name.
The second ordinary argument is the fixed text of the footnote.

\DeclareFixedFootnote will then define the command to produce the
footnote, or to a link to an existing copy of the fixed footnote on
the same page.

e.g., \DeclareFixedFootnote*{\sic}{\emph{sic}}
      \DeclareFixedFootnote{\prooflater}{This theorem will be proved

The package works by exchanging information with itself via the .aux
file.  Just as with labels (and per-page footnote numbers in
footmisc), the user ordinarily needs to run latex at least twice.

The package does not (yet) have the ability to warn the user that
another run of latex is still necessary.  Some evidence of user demand
would be necessary to encourage me to invest effort in getting LaTeX
to give that warning.

Robin Fairbairns
afterthought, of 2009-07-20

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