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FixLtxHyph v.0.

FixLtxHyph.sty is a small extension that allows to "correct' a small glitch
in hyphenating "words" that are partially emphasized.
This happens very frequently in languages such as Catalan, French, Italian, 
Romansh, Friulan,  and other where articles and articulated preposition undergo vocalic 
elision before a word that starts with a vowel: example "della eleganza" 
becomes "dell'eleganza" after vocalic elision.
Now if "eleganza" is emphasized as in "dell'\emph{eleganza}" the literal 
string that TeX sees as a word includes the apostrophe, and this is fine 
in those languages where the apostrophe is set up for proper hyphenation, 
but it also includes a font change; therefore TeX does not hyphenate the
whole string, while it has no problems when hyphenating the same word without 
emphasis: "del-l'e-le-gan-za".

This small package works fine with both pdfLaTeX and XeLaTeX; it has been 
tested with the five languages listed above; at the moment of writing 
Romansh and Friulan are not among the languages that are being dealt with by pdfLaTeX 
and XeLaTeX, but soon hopefully they will.

The single FixLtxHyph.dtx file is auto extracting; if you process it with 
pdfLaTeX you get both the documentation file in PDF format and the .sty file.

After extraction move the files, as usual, in the three homonymous folders 
latex/fixltxhtph/ rooted in source/, doc/, and tex/ respectively.

Claudio Beccari 2012
Author maintained
claudio dot beccari at gmail dot com