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	     A Collection of Macros for LaTeX and BibTeX

			     available at



			  configuration files
			  unsupported packages


  "Frankenstein" is the whimsical name for a collection of 14 LaTeX
  packages and a BibTeX bibliography style that I have written.
  Frankenstein helps you do a variety of things with LaTeX.  You can
  use just a part of Frankenstein if you want, or you can use all the
  parts together.  You should download this whole directory, however,
  to make sure you will have all the parts you might need.  To use
  certain packages, you will also need the non-Frankenstein packages
  "relsize.sty", "url.sty", and/or "verbatim.sty".  See the file
  INSTALL for full details.

  The package descriptions below will tell you briefly what they can
  help you do.  Happy TeXing!


  This file contains general information on the Frankenstein bundle
  and brief descriptions of its packages and bibstyle.

  Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL.

  Full documentation of each LaTeX package X is in the file X.dvi:

  Full documentation of the achicago BibTeX bibliography style is in
  the file achicago-bst.dvi:


			 abbreviation macros
		       (Frankenstein's briefs)

  "Abbreviation macros" expand to defined text and insert following
  space intelligently, based on context.  They can also expand to one
  thing the first time they are used and another thing on subsequent
  invocations.  Thus they can be abbreviations in two senses, in the
  source and in the document.  Useful applications include the
  abstraction of textual elements such as names without fussing over
  spacing and the automatic expansion of abbreviations and acronyms at
  their first use.  The initial and subsequent expansions of an
  abbreviation macro are available at any time via explicit commands.
  Abbreviation macros are grouped into categories; there are hooks
  applicable to each category.  Categories can be reset so that
  subsequent abbreviation macros in that category behave as if used
  for the first time again.

  A generic facility is also provided for suffixes like 1900 B.C. and
  6:00 P.M., which correctly handles following periods.

		   macros for writing about macros
		     (Frankenstein's conscience)

  Compsci is useful whenever writing about programming, but especially
  when writing about TeX and especially when used as a supplement to
  the ltxdoc class to document LaTeX macros in a literate programming
  style with .dtx files.

			 dialogue environment
			 (Frankenstein's mouth)

  The dialogue environment is for citing short passages of scripted
  dialogue.  It is not for typsetting a long script.

	  Chicago Manual A-style (but author-date) citations
		     (Frankenstein's references)

  A bibliography style based on _The Chicago Manual of Style_.  The
  style is mostly style A, but borrows the author-date reference
  system from style B.  Requires accompanying BibTeX bibliography
  style "achicago".

			    titling macros
		      (Frankenstein's pedigree)

  Macros that typeset the titles of books, journals, etc. and handle
  following spacing and punctuation intelligently, based on context.
  Useful for bibliographic databases.  Also includes other markup like
  \word, \defn, \phrase, etc.

		    attribution of block elements
			 (Frankenstein's hat)

  \attrib attributes block elements, for example when citing a
  reference after a block quotation.

			    text ellipses
			(Frankenstein's lips)

  The \lips command generates text ellipses that are closer to what
  _The Chicago Manual of Style_ suggests than what \dots produces.  It
  does the right thing in most circumstances, and so is easy to use.

			more defining commands
			(Frankenstein's brain)

  A collection of defining, expansion, and debugging commands for
  programming in LaTeX and writing LaTeX packages and classes.

		   a new system for including files
		      (Frankenstein's backbone)

  Provides a backwards-compatible reimplementation of \include and
  \includeonly.  The principal new features are: (1) the restriction
  that \clearpage's must surround an included file is removed, (2) the
  restriction that \include's cannot be nested is removed, and (3) the
  provision of hooks executed before and after the contents of an
  included file.  Newclude accomplishes the first two by using a
  single .aux file instead of many.  Newclude also provides the
  experimental functionality of the former package includex, which
  allows you to include partial contents of independent LaTeX files
  that can also be processed on their own (that is, files that contain
  \documentclass, \begin{document}, etc.).

			   slanted emphasis
			(Frankenstein's gait)

  Defines \itswitch, \slswitch, \textitswitch, and \textslswitch,
  which switch between slanted or italic type and upright type.  Can
  be used to represent emphasis with slanted type.

			 block element hooks

  Inserts hooks into certain block elements and footnotes.  Also
  provides a command to set block quotations one size smaller than the
  main text.


			 configuration files

  A standard configuration file <package>.cfg is included in the
  abbrevs, compsci, slemph, and titles package filesets. If you want
  to alter a configuration file, make a copy of it, put it the copy in
  the LaTeX search path prior to the distributed configuration file,
  and alter the copy.

			 unsupported packages

  Several additional unsupported Frankenstein package filesets are in
  the subdirectory:


  See the file README-unsupported in that directory for further


  All Frankenstein filesets are copyrighted by Matthew Swift and
  released under the conditions of the GNU General Public License
  contained in the file COPYING.

  I am willing to specially license this code; please simply contact
  me with your proposal.


  fileset: A group of files related to a single LaTeX package, LaTeX
           class, or BibTeX bibliography style and any accompanying
           option or configuration files.  The files in a package or
           class fileset have the same root name but different
           filename extensions.  In bibstyle filesets, some root names
           differ by a "-bst" suffix.

     CTAN: Comprehensive TeX Archive Network: a system of TeX-related
           file archives available via FTP (see
  and often
           reproduced on CDROMs.

      TDS: TeX Directory Structure: a recommended directory structure
           for TeX installations.  See


			      Matt Swift