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This is the gaceta.cls LaTeX class, which is intended 
to write papers for ``La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad 
Matem\'atica Espa\~nola'', a journal of the Real Sociedad 
Matem\'atica Espa\~nola,

As examples of use of gaceta.cls, we provide two templates:
(with its corresponding pdf files).

La Gaceta of the RSME is written in Spanish, so the 
templates are also in Spanish.

Version: 1.06, 2008/05/14

Changes with respect to version 1.0:
- Support for the section ``La Olimiada Matem\'atica'' 
- Support for abstract with the style of La Gaceta
- Added pseudotheorem environment
- Added command \provisional
- Small bug fixes

  Juan L. Varona
  jvarona at unirioja dot es

  LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), any version