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This package, geometry-de.dtx, is a modified version of the geometry package
in version 5.6 2010/09/12
by Hideo Umeki.

With the file you can create a documentation in german language but it's possible
to build all other geometry files.

  * README-DE         -  this file
  * geometry.ins      -  for installation to get .sty from .dtx
  * geometry-de.dtx   -  including sources and documentation
  * geometry-de.pdf   -  print-ready german documentation

  tex geometry-de.tex
to get the geometry.ins, the geometry-de.drv and the geometry.sty files.

  latex geometry-de.dtx or
  latex geometry-de.drv or
  pdflatex geometry-de.dtx or
  pdflatex geometry-de.drv
to create the german documentation.

The geometry.sty is the same which is provided by the original .dtx file from
Hideo Ukmeki.

How to install geometry:
Quoted from Hideo Umeki's README file. Little modifications by Hans-Martin Haase.
[manual installation]
  * To get geometry.sty out of geometry.dtx
        $ tex geometry-de.dtx 
    or  $ (la)tex geometry.ins
  * To build documentation
        $ latex geometry-de.dtx  
    or  $ latex geometry-de.drv
  * Put the derived files in the proper directories:
      -  tex/latex/geometry/geometry.sty
      -  doc/latex/geometry/geometry-de.pdf
      -  source/latex/geometry/geometry-de.dtx

  * Use 'tlmgr' command
        $ tlmgr show geometry          -- to check the package info
        $ sudo tlmgr update geometry   -- to update the package
  * You can use 'TeX Live Utility' instead of 'tlmgr', if on MacOSX.

  * Use the MikTeX Update Wizard to update geometry package."

The translation was create by Hans-Martin Haase.