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Gloss 1.5.2

Gloss is a package which allows the creation of glossaries 
using bibTeX. This approach has several advantages:
- bibTeX is available in every platform where TeX is.
- Glossary entries can be stored in databases, and you needn't
  rewrite the definitions.
- There are a lot of tools for managing bibTeX databases.
- bibTeX is a programable tool and you can define your own 
  styles for acronyms, symbols, and so on.

The file gloss.tex contains the documentation.

Release 1.5.1 fixes a few bugs:

- page was missing when a nocite form was followed by a
  "normal" form (not a frequent situation, however).
- chars usually allowed in \cite now are allowed in \gloss
  as well
- refpage was no-op with nocite. Now it can be used to
  refer to the page even if the term in not cited in the
  text (and since this combination did not make sense
  formerly, I hope there won't be uncompatibilities).

Release 1.5.2 fixes a bug:

- Sometimes the space following \gloss was gobbled.