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The gmverb package
is a work of Grzegorz `Natror' Murzynowski,
<natror at o2 dot pl>

1. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by Grzegorz `Natror' Murzynowski

This program is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
for the details of that license.

2. Introduction

The gmverb.sty package redefines the \verb command and the {verbatim}
environment so that the verbatim text can break into lines, with % as
a `hyphen'. Moreover, it allows the user to define his/her own
{verbatim}-like environments provided their contents would be not
horribly long (as long as a macro's argument may be at most).

This package also allows the user to declare a chosen char(s) as 
a `short verb' e.g., to write |\a\verbatim\example| instead of

3. Installation

Unpack the in a texmf directory or put the gmverb.sty
somewhere in the texmf/tex/latex branch on your own. Creating a
/texmf/tex/latex/gm directory may be advisable if you consider using
other packages written by me.

Then you should refresh your TeX distribution's files'
database most probably.

4. Contents

The distribution of this package consists of the following three files.


5. Documentation

The last of the above files (the .pdf) is a documentation compiled
from the .sty file by running LaTeX on the gmverb.sty file twice:
xelatex gmverb.sty
 in the directory you wish the documentation to be in, 
you don't have copy the .sty file  there---TeX will find it,
then MakeIndex on the gmverb.idx file, and then LaTeX
on gmverbDoc.tex once more.

MakeIndex shell command:
         makeindex -r gmverbDoc
The -r switch is to forbid MakeIndex make implicit ranges since the
(code line) numbers will be hyperlinks

Compiling of the documentation requires the packages: gmdoc
(gmdoc.sty and gmdocc.cls), gmverb.sty, gmutils.sty and also some
standard packages: hyperref.sty, xcolor.sty, geometry.sty,
multicol.sty, lmodern.sty, fontenc.sty that should have been installed
on your computer by default.

If you have not installed the mwart.cls class (available on CTAN in
mwcls package), the result of your compilation may differ a bit from
the .pdf provided in this .zip archive in formattings: If you have not
installed mwart.cls, the standard article.cls will be used.