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This package has a little macro that lets you write directed graphs in
graphviz/dot syntax inside your LaTeX files, and have the rendered
version automatically included.  For example:

    \digraph[scale=0.5]{abc}{rankdir=LR; a->b; b->c}

Will result in three ovals in a row, labeled "a", "b", and "c",
respectively.  There are some details and known limitations described
in the documentation.

Distributed files include:

    README          -- this file
    graphviz.pdf    -- pre-compiled documentation
    graphviz.dtx    -- full source (generates .sty and .dvi/.pdf)
    graphviz.ins    -- used to extract .sty from .dtx
    Makefile        -- may be used to generate .sty and .pdf

Thanks to Scott Pakin for writing the tutorial on how to create .dtx
and .ins files.