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(License: LaTeX Project)

The komacv class makes typesetting a beautiful CV easy!
Different style are offered by the associated style packages and virtually all settings can be changed by the user.

The komacv class is fully documented. Example files give an impression of what the your CV might look like with the different styles.

The komacv class is built upon the scrartcl class. Pagelayout, headings etc. can can be easily configured in the KOMA-way. Moreover, the komacv class is fully compatible with biblatex.


1. Download the gzip-archive and unpack it.

2. Move the documentation "komacv.pdf" and the "examples" folder to the doc-directory in your local tex-directory (create a subdirectory "komacv").

3. Run the command "latex" on the file "komacv.ins".

4. Move the file "komacv.cls" and the .sty-files to your local tex-directory (create a subdirectory "komacv").

5. Run texhash on your local tex-directory.

I hope you enjoy this class.
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